was launched in Cork in June 2015.  There’s a good story behind it. Here’s Damien (co-owner) explaining a little story

Owner Damien in 2014 and 2017

Owner Damien in 2014 and 2017

'I did a Bungee Jump in May for charity and never really realised how over-weight I was until the company weighed me to see which rope I would be using and I was 115Kgs (they wrote it on my hand as they did with everyone) - again I didn't really know how heavy that was until I saw everyone elses' numbers. Most other men were 85-95Kg. Its then I thought 'Uh-oh'
So I really wanted to eat healthy, but work really long hours and am always on the go so I didn't really have a chance' 
So I launched Bodychef in Cork in June 2015 to give people like myself who have no time to make clean meals or people who couldn't cook an egg (like me!!)
I've changed my eating habits the last 5 months to Bodychef (still having a cheat day every now & then!!) –

So that’s how was formed and why – we know people find it hard to eat healthy, the whole idea that eating healthy is all salads is totally wrong, we’re proving that you can still enjoy proper meals and lose weight and stay fit.

We operate from the Bishopstown Bar in Cork, and have a fully HACCP compliant kitchen, professional chefs and a nutritionist who gives us advice on a weekly (and sometimes daily basis!!)

In June 2015 we started with one delivery driver & one chef and we’ve grown so much since, we know have a team of 4 chefs, 7 delivery drivers, 2 packers, 2 admins and we’re always looking for more people to join our team!

We deliver to all over Cork City on a daily basis and to many parts of Cork County. See our delivery areas for more.

We hope you enjoy Bodychef meals as much as we enjoy creating them!