Top Tips on Staying Healthy in Autumn

Is it just us or has anyone else noticed that it's starting to get BLOODY FREEZING? Colder weather, shorter evenings and a runny nose mean one thing .... Hello Autumn! It's always around this time of year that our general health starts to take a nose dive - Surely we're not the only ones who tell ourselves 'It's harder to eat healthy when its freeezing', or 'I'll go to the gym tomorrow promise, it's too hard to get out of bed these mornings'. Sound all too familiar? That's why we're sharing our top tips on staying healthy and feeling fantastic this Autumn.  


Take your exercise indoors! 

It can be far too easy to laze around when the weather starts to get a bit miserable. Instead of putting off the gym or avoiding an evening stroll - take to the comforts of your own home to get sweaty. Bonus - you can wear whatever you want! Burpee's in your pyjamas? - Why the hell not!

What are our favourite home workouts to stay healthy in Autumn?'s go to is Joe Wicks, The Body Coach for when you're feeling ready to smash a HIIT session. With new workouts every week that are less than 30 minutes there's no excuse not to!

Another favourite of ours, if you are in the mood for something more relaxing is youtube channel - Yoga With Adriene Suitable for all levels, we love incorporating a yoga session into our week to seriously unwind and destress. 



Drink some water, and then drink some more water! We promise your immune system will thank you when the whole office starts sniffling. Water helps to keep your body's systems as the best function level they can be! It also flushes out nasty toxins. If you're finding it hard to drink enough water when the weather gets colder - try incorporate a cup or two of green tea throughout the day for hug in a mug hydration in Autumn. 


Eat with the Season.  

Know what foods are in season in Autumn! Autumn foods are extremely nourishing - not to mention colourful! Think apples, celeriac, figs, kale, squash and not to mention PUMPKINS! Forget spiced lattes or pumpkin pie, chow down on some pumpkin seeds instead! These seeds are like a nutritional powerhouse - full of magnesium, copper, zinc and protein, thy are a great way to stay healthy. 


So there you have it,'s top tips for grabbing Autumn by the b**ls and staying in Tip Top form. Let us know what you love to do to stay healthy come fall! 

The team.