Portion Control, Made Easy.

Portion Control - What the hell is it and how the f**k do I master it? In our option portion control it's the secret ingredient to a healthy and fit lifestyle, and keeping your weight in control. 

So we all know the importance of a good diet full of nutritious and unprocessed foods (Well I hope we all do anyway). But the other half of the battle to over come is just how much of those nutritious and healthy foods should we be eating? Sure, peanut butter is a guilt free treat that is packed full of protein ... But when you eat the whole tub in one sitting, you might as well have tucked into the biscuit jar. 

Now don't get us wrong, the correct portions differ from person to person. We've just pulled together our top tips on how to become more aware of portion control, and how you can bring it into your (already kickass) diet. 

1) Try not to eat from the packet. 

If you're snacking or eating on the go, make sure you read the small print to see how many serving suggestions are in the packet. It's easy to over eat without even realising that you've done it. Example? A cartoon of soup is usually two portions, not one. (Don't worry, we've all been there scoffing down a whole bowl of soup and a sliced pan on the side).


2) Keep your cheat sheet handy! 

The more familiar you become with correct portions, the easier it will be to know instinctively when enough is enough. How did we do it? Print off a handy little guide on portion control like the one below and stick it to your fridge, desk or save it on your phone for easy access. 



3) Use Smaller Plates. 

The majority of us may have been conditioned on mammys home cooking, where the plates were loaded up fat and high of sweet Sunday dinner. And hey, not disrespecting mammys cooking (We all know its the best), but the average dinner plate we use is way too big for what a healthy portion should contain. It's fact that we often clear our plate, no matter what the size. So try tricking yourself into eating smaller portions by using smaller plates and bowls! A smaller serving of whatever you've cooked up will look bigger on a smaller plate, and you'll still feel satisfied. 

4) Drink Up.  

Glorious, glorious water and it's endless array of health benefits. We already know how fantastic water is for your skin, hair and metabolism - but it's also a great appetite suppressant.  Our advice? ... Drink a full glass of water 15 / 30 minutes before you eat a meal. This will help you feel fuller, faster, and stay on track with a healthy sized portion.


So there you have it, some simple tips to make portion control, easy. 

The BodyChef.ie Team.