Brain Boosting Exam Foods -'s Guide on Nutrition during Study Season

While most of us have begun enjoying the festivities of Silly Season, there is the unfortunate few that are in the middle of an entirely different season ... we're looking at you college students! Study season is well underway, and our heart goes out to those tucked away in the library, up to their necks in empty coffee cups and revision notes (Not so festive is it) 

Exams are starting this week for many Cork students, so here at we thought we'd pull together a little guide on food do's and don'ts to get you through exam week. 


1) Avoid Large, Heavy Meals.

A productive afternoon of study will go down the drain if by 2pm you've hit a food coma! Try avoid overloading on carbs that will make you feel sluggish or binging on sugary foods that will just make you crash in a few hours time. Try aim to eat more, smaller meals throughout the day that are packed full of slow release carbs and protein. It's also a great way to break up a day of study to allow your body to refuel and your brain reset.


2) Snack Smartly. 

Hands up if you've even gone for a study snack aiming to pick up a piece of fruit or bag of nuts, but immediately get side tracked once you see the chocolate row - ahh but you've done a morning of hard study, you deserve it.... Sound familiar? Snacking is a great way to keep up your energy levels, but it can do more harm than good. Lay off highly processed sugary snacks, they'll leave you feeling tired once the initial sugar rush wears off. Some snacks such as protein or energy bars can seem healthy and full of goodness, but these are often too packed full of sugar. Instead, opt for dried fruits, unsalted nuts, vegetable sticks and a small amount of hummus or dark chocolate (try keep it at least 70% cacao content). 



3) Up the Water Intake Instead of the Caffeine.

Now, don't panic - there's still an important place for your extra large coffee and late night can of red bull during exams. But if you really want to keep you alert and energised - reach for the water bottle! Water will actually do more for your weary brain during study than coffee will. Over kill on the coffee and energy drinks can make us dehydrated and jittery. Hey, it's also a good excuse to take an extra little break and walk to the water foundtain. 



So head down guys, follow these handy tips and it'll be Silly Season before you know it. Don't forget we also do a fantastic Student Deal at, so you cant forget about the stress of meal prep entirely - Just check out the packages on our website!

The Team. 

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