For many of us, eating healthily doesn’t come easy.  With so many conflicting views on what constitutes “healthy” we can become overwhelmed by the wealth of information that’s out there and feel that we need a degree in Nutrition in order to create a healthy meal.

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll know that we here at are passionate about creating healthy meals for you to enjoy and we want you to share that passion with us. Check out our website for this week’s menu of some of your favourite indulgent dishes made healthy and delivered fresh to your door. Simply place your order, put your feet up and we’ll take care of the rest!

In the meantime, (while you wait in anticipation for us to deliver) check out our list of 5 Irish “Foodies” to follow on snapchat who can help to inspire you to create healthy meals from your own kitchen.


1.       Kenmare Foodie:

A relatively new addition to the Irish foodie scene on snapchat, Karen Coakley, a busy mum of four from Kenmare Co. Kerry is your go-to gal for simple recipes to feed the family. Karen is a natural teacher, treating her followers to daily cookery demonstrations and providing tips and tricks on how to juggle healthy eating, staying fit and being a mum.  We’re sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Karen on the Irish foodie scene this year. Check her out!



2.       The Happy Pear:

These infectious twins from Greystones, Co. Wicklow need no introduction. Their energy and positivity is contagious and quite frankly, unrelenting!  Follow Dave and Steve from their morning swim at sunrise through to late night baking experimentation with lots of delicious and colourful recipes, tastings and behind the scenes footage in between.



3.       Rozanna Purcell:

Perhaps the poster girl of the Irish foodie scene, followmodelandathleteRozanna Purcell as she dines in some of the most insta-worthy eateries in Ireland and beyond. You won’t fall short of healthy cooking inspiration as Roz showcases some of her most famous and well-loved recipes on a daily basis.


4.       The Little Green Spoon:

Indy Power’s philosophy is simple: eat to feel good! This rising star embraces natural ingredients to create nutritious dishes that are not only super easy to make, but they also cater for a variety of diets; be it paleo, gluten free, vegan...the list goes on!



5.       Donal Skehan:

Where would this list be without Ireland’s most loved and fastest growing Chef and TV star! Hailing from Howth and currently living in Los Angeles, follow Donal to gain access all areas to the goings on behind the scenes as well as beautiful and easy to make recipes that will leave your mouth watering!





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