Ditch the weighing scales and eat food that fuelz your body.

Sounds simple right?

Yet this simple task of eating a balanced diet and ditching the weighing scales is so hard for anyone who has any weight issues. This can be someone who is overweight,underweight,yo-yo dieters male or female! Trust me from my experience I know for some it will be a life long battle trying to find balance with weight and food but here is my opinion.


I am only 25 but over that time I have already built a relationship with the scales I would rather forget.

Growing up over-weight and battling an eating disorder and obsession with my weight and how I looked since about 11 the scales genuinely dictated my life. When I saw it drop I became obsessed with it dropping further at any cost. When the number increased I felt worse and instead of it giving me the motivation I needed to get back on track it would send me into a massive binge of eating even more and lacking any motivation to exercise.

My Body Image consumed me and still can on any given day but any day I don't weigh myself I am much better off because I can judge it by how I feel rather than by a number on the weighing scales. Yes there is a place for the weighing scales for people competing etc but in my opinion go by how you look and feel and ditch the scales. I never felt at peace with my body and using the scales NEVER helped me.

This is my experience and even since I got into a healthy balance of exercise and eating balanced meals when I have fallen off the wagon and got onto the scales it has NEVER helped so if I could give anybody one piece of advice from my personal experience, whether you are just starting out looking after your health or your day is being dictated by how bloated you feel or how "lean" you are......DITCH THE SCALES. Life is so short and you are missing out on so much by obsessing over a number on the scales. 

Treat your body with respect. 

Eat all of the food groups.

Eat healthy nutritious meals.

Whatever you think about when you weigh yourself, one question you may not consider is this: Is weighing yourself helping you lose weight or standing in the way of success?
— https://www.verywell.com/reasons-to-ditch-the-scale-1231549
This blog post is solely based on my own opinion and personal experience. If you struggle with the scales you are NOT alone. Talk to someone and share how you feel.