So you've just been paid...

There are a few lucky sods among us that have the fortune of getting paid by the week. For the rest of us, however, the last Friday of the month means one thing ... PAYDAY. 

If you are getting a monthly paycheck, it probably means you are (someway) functioning as a responsible adult. Therefore, that probably means with the extra coin in the bank at the end of the month your adult brain may be telling you to spend it responsibly - 

But we know better ... we know that when the end of the month roles around again that temptation is too great and more often than not we end up like this..... 



We're all about making healthy easy at, so who's to say that can't include a healthy looking bank balance? These are's top suggestions on how to NOT blow this months paycheck. 

1. The Envelope System
So it goes like this - set a monthly budget for variable expenses in your life such as your grocery shopping, petrol or your weekend entertainment. On payday, withdraw these amounts and put them in separate envelopes. It's a simple idea but effective way of tracking how much you have left for each category of expense. And when you run out - it's gone! Which makes it alot harder to talk yourself into buying that extra bottle of wine on a Friday night. Bonus - you get to avoid alot of little bank charges with just one withdrawal. 

2. Eat, Sleep and Breathe the 'One Week Rule'
This one is for all our BodyChefers who like to treat payday as 'Leg it to the Shops'-day (Looking at you too fellas!) Now there's nothing wrong with treating yourself, but if something close to half your pay is gone after the first weekend, then we need to reevaluate. So the One Week Rule to live by... If you still want it in a week, BUY IT. Otherwise forget about it. Simple right? 


 3. Embrace Technology
Budgeting is probably the adult equivalent of doing your homework as a kid - necessary, perhaps, enjoyable? - HELL NO. If you're like me and month after month making a budget scares you to your core (No I don't want to commit to only spending €50 on shoes, what if there's a sale on?) then take the stress out of the task - and get an app to do it for you. There are so many budget apps available now that will allow you to manually track your spending and categorise it into relevant budgets. Considering that our smartphones never leave our hands nowadays, we've no excuse not to work a budget into our everyday lives.   


4. Order
Okay, Okay, we may be biased .. but eating healthy and staying in shape is pretty tough - for you and your bank balance. If you're like us and find your schedule too bloody hectic to stay on top of things like 'meal prep', it becomes very easy to spend a fortune on out of the office lunches, or healthy snacking on the go. Another huge problem that we find ourselves coming across is waste! The 15 minute meal you found on Instagram seems like a good idea, but what we find happening is a fridge full of gone of turkey breasts and wilted spinach (Not a very pleasant image is it). That's why our mission at is to provide healthy nutritious meals delivered right to your door or workplace, taking the stress out of healthy eating.  


YES! To help you get through the days until the next pay check comes around you'll get 10% off if you order monthly - what are you waiting for? 

Happy Payday Weekend!



Rebecca MacLehose