Zac Higgins Fund Raffle Entry

Zac Higgins Fund Raffle Entry


We are raffling off a €200 voucher for Bodychef. By buying one of these entries you are entering a raffle to win a €200 voucher for

All money raised will be donated to the Zac Higgins Fund

Zac Higgins is a 2 and 8 month year old bubbly toddler like any child his age. Loves football and loves playing with his family and friends. Zac was full of the joys of life up until Monday 25th March 2019. Zac was playing football in his front garden and the ball went out onto the road outside his house which is a Cul De Sac. Zac followed the ball like any toddler would do but was struck by a car and has since suffered severe injuries. The car failed to stop. To the shock of family and neighbours and the community Zac was treated by emergency services and rushed to the Hospital in Cork City. Later on that evening Zac was put into an induced coma and transferred up to the Temple Street Children's Hospital and rushed to intensive care. Zacs progress has been constantly monitored and his treatment is currently on going.

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