We all lead very hectic lives these days and can struggle to find the time to make healthy meals 🍱
That’s where Body Chef came in during my wedding prep💪🏼
Working long hours and trying to organise a wedding the last thing I wanted to be thinking about was having to plan and prep my meals aswell.
So instead of grabbing food on the go I signed up with body chef,all there meals are portion / calorie controlled with a good mix of carbs , fats and proteins 🥗
By having body chef I knew my food was on point so I could concentrate more on my training to get my perfect fit for my wedding dress
— Laura Dorgan (Personal Trainer & Online Coach)
Absolutely delighted last night to arrive home to a delivery from @bodychef! Day 1 on their meals today and definetly didnt disappoint 😍 All clean meals including protein pancakes, muesli and fruit breakfast pot, protein balls, healthy taco fries, king creole, chicken spice box to list just some of the menu options i chose (want to give them all a go)
Sooo handy all I had to do this morning in my rush was grab the bag containing todays meals and go 😀🙌🏼
Anyone who wants to eat clean but finds it hard to find time to prep meals, or just wants to add loads more variety to their eating whilst keeping it healthy should definetly give them a go!🍱🍝🍽
— Alanna Pittorino (Health & Fitness Enthusiast)
Bodychef.ie are literally saving me this week 🙌🏼 So busy with my workload at the moment that having macro tracked tasty food ready made and delivered to me is keeping me both on track and sane this week 🙏🏻
— Vikki Cronin Fitness & Food
Starting up with Bodychef is a great idea for anyone looking to lose weight, tone up or basically just looking to eat a more healthy well balanced nutritious diet! I myself am very strict 6 days per week with my nutrition, I always meal prep my own food and have never trusted anyone to cook my food for me but Bodychef! All meals made with the healthiest and freshest of produce and both macro and calorie counted so you know exactly what you are eating for each meal! 100% would recommend And it helps that all the staff aren’t a bad crowd either!
— Alison Hennessy (Health & Fitness Enthusiast)
Great food and service, menu change up every week is great so you never get sick of it like you usually would to home cooked meals. Finding it very helpful with portion control and knowing exactly whats in the food your eating Very convenient for busy working parents. Highly recommended!
— Aine Curtin
I’m onto my second day of meals with BodyChef and I’m absolutely delighted that I took the plunge and ordered from them.

Ordering process was simple, and the help from BodyChef through Facebook in terms of organising delivery etc was great.

The food is delicious, well portioned and best of all you have a breakdown of the macronutrients. You can really tell when you’re eating it that youre having clean, fresh food!

Delivery is also simple, and easy to understand. The drivers will give a call before arrival to let you know they’re on the way, and delivery was on time both days.

I’m only day 2 in to my meals and I’m already excited about my lunch and dinner!

Highly recommended!
— Patrick O' Leary
I had Body chef meals for when I was working late shift this week and I’m hugely impressed! I particularly loved the Taco Fries and the Chicken Creole meal but all meals were very good. I will most definitely be ordering them again for when I’m on late shift and will recommend this company to family and friends, thanks Body Chef!
— Susie Bailey
We had out first meal last night - Doner Kebab. Perfect portion size and GREAT taste!! Very excited to have found BodyChef.
Super easy to order and well worth every penny.
— Robyn Torgius
I’m on my second week of body chef and I have to say I love it. I get lunch and dinner delivered 5 days a week and cook healthy for myself on the weekends. The food is amazing and never boring, also I’m always full never hungry for snacks or naughty treats. The customer service has been great, they have answered all my questions and given me all the info I asked for. Also I weighed myself after the first week (as I’m hoping to lose a few lbs on this food delivery service) and I’m delighted to say i have lost 4.5lbs in the first week of body chef. I would recommend to anyone especially if your have a busy lifestyle and are looking to eat healthy and/or lose weight. Thanks body chef.
— Sarah Shanahan
As the saying goes fail to prepare, prepare to fail! BodyChef.ie helps me to stay on track with their health meals. There is a great variety which changes weekly! I couldn’t recommend them enough. No preparing meals, wash up or food shopping 😀. Couldn’t survive without them 😀
— Laura Chambers
Having tried and failed at many fad diets over the years, frustrated at the
cravings most diets brought, I googled healthy eating cork and was amazed
to find body chef pop up.
A nose around their website and social media ensured me that this wasn’t a
diet, it was a lifestyle.
I could have a chicken curry guilt free, king creole or burrito bowl.
I was wary but my partner and I signed up for the gold option.
Brekkie, lunch and dinner freshly prepared, calorie counted with awesome
fresh ingredients and varied menu.
They’d deliver to work which was awesome.
The Berry breakfast pots are my favourite and the brekkie burrito made me
like scrambled eggs :)

So far I’m down 2 stone which is the easiest I’ve ever lost it doesn’t feel
like a hassle, the food is tasty, great variety and staff are so
accommodating.Its genuinely a fantastic service, great social media interaction and I’d highly recommend it.
— Eily Foley